The annual report for (brands of the Adam Mickiewicz Institute) sums up nearly 200 projects: concerts, festivals, exhibitions, film and theater shows around the world. Our task was to put all content in set of books.

The report consists of four notebooks packed in a box.
Three notebooks are showing cultural events. Each notebook is a different section: visual arts and design, theater and film, and music. The fourth notebook is a summary.
The Institute's activities are diverse - from exhibitions of young design to classical music festivals. The design of the report had to be universal for all events. We based it on the logo. We used elements from the logo as colored slides covering the pictures. The logo shapes emphasize the character of IAM as a brand, and the colors help to distinguish departments.

ZAKRES / SCOPE  layout
KLIENT / CLIENT Instytut Adama Mickiewicza
ROK / YEAR  2015 (Cuda Wianki Studio)
WSPÓŁPRACA / WITH Paulina Rek-Gromulska

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